We are headed to Potsdam and Canton every other Saturday all winter!

Winter deliveries are over for now, but we plan to start again in November 2021

How does this work?

You place an order for eggs, beef, pork, or chicken (or any combination of those items) :)  We bring it to your door on Saturday afternoon.  For contactless delivery, simply leave a cooler outside containing a check.  We'll trade the meat/eggs for a check. 

(If you don't do checks, we can figure out another payment option) :)  We are also happy to accept SNAP payments.

If you prefer to meet up in person, that's ok too.  We can meet at your house, or at a park, or even at a convenient parking lot.  (Our favorite way is to deliver to a waiting cooler simply because providing an exact time to meet up can be tricky when planning several deliveries.  But if you're willing to be patient and flexible, we're more than happy to try to meet up) :)

How do I order?

Feel free to order however you're comfortable ordering.  Emails a great way to contact me (April) with requests and questions (patandaprilspork@yahoo.com).  Texts are also a wonderful option (315-296-2030) .  You're also welcome to call. (315-296-2030)   If I can't answer, please leave a voicemail and I'll do my best to get back to you in a timely manner.  Unfortunately, I'm not currently tech savvy enough to sort out a way to order from this website.  

Please place orders by the Thursday prior to delivery.  This allows us time to pack the orders and plan a sensible route.  Orders placed after Thursday may be added to the following delivery date.

Which Saturdays are you in Potsdam and Canton?

Deliveries are over for the season, but we plan to do it again starting in November 2021

Potsdam Farmers' Market opens on May 15, 2021!!  Starting that day, and all the way through October, we'll be at Ives Park every Saturday from 9am-2pm.