Please note that these are the prices if the meat is picked up here at our store.  Unfortunately, there is additional cost to transport the meat.  Also, if you pay by credit or debit card there will be a three percent fee to help cover credit/debit transaction costs.  Thank you for your understanding.

We have sausage!!!

Just a note:  The maple links are our only sausage that contain artificial flavoring.  A mild flavor many folks like, but it's not maple syrup.  

Our Sausage has historically been all preservative-free! Nothing yucky added. Just the spices that are clearly indicated on the label :)

However, Red Barn Meats, who processes the preservative-free sausage, has increased their prices several times during the past year.  We can no longer continue to "eat" that cost.  Therefore, all sausage processed at Red Barn Meats will remain an option and still be without preservatives,  but has increased in price.

In order to provide some sausage at a less expensive rate, we got some sausage from our pigs processed at Tritown.  Tritown offers preservative-free breakfast sausage.  However, the Sweet Italian and Hot Italian from Tritown do contain preservatives.  

​​Variety of Sausage​
Price Per Pound

Preservative Free Chorizo (ground)

Preservative Free Chorizo (links) $5.45
Preservative Free Cajun (links) $5.45
Preservative Free Cajun with hot cheese (links) 


Hot Italian (ground)

Preservative Free Hot Italian (links)$5.45

Hot Italian (links) 

Preservative Free Sweet Italian (ground)$5.05

Sweet Italian (ground)

Preservative Free Sweet Italian (links)$5.45

Sweet Italian (links)

Preservative Free Maple (links) $5.45
Preservative Free Breakfast (links)$4.95
Preservative Free Breakfast (ground)$4.55