Savings = $57.17

 This is an actual example of a customer  who purchased half a pig.  Each  customer's pig is butchered according to  their specifications.  Your order might  look similar, or it might be quite different 

Here we contrast the cost of buying a half pig with the cost of purchasing each piece of meat individually.

Cut of Pork
Number of PoundsCost if purchased as individual cuts
Hot Italian Sausage4$15.60
Ground Pork3$10.95
Spare Ribs2.42$10.65
Heart and Tongue.68$.68
Shoulder Roast10.6$38.69
Ham Roast9.1$59.61
Ham Steaks7.89$51.68

Want to Save Some Money?

What's the deal with buying a half pig?

You pay $1.65/lb dress weight (aka hanging weight, carcass weight).  

Half pigs usually dress 100-125lbs.  You will take home 75-90lbs of meat (since some bones, fat, etc are discarded after taking the hanging weight)

Then, you pay butcher to kill and process your pig.  For most folks, this costs approximately $100-150 per half pig.  This covers the butchers kill fee, making flavored sausage, smoking bacon and hams, etc.

Basically, it's about $300 by the time you've paid everybody for about 75-90 pounds of meat just the way you like it.  You choose thickness of cuts, which cuts, how many cuts per package, which flavor(s) of sausage etc etc.  All kinds of freedom :)

One batch of pigs is scheduled to be butchered in May.  Let us know if you're intersted in a whole or half or in knowing more!

Total Cost (if purchased as individual cuts):  $301.52

Total Cost (purchased as half pig):  $244.35

The dress weight of this half pig was 88 pounds.  The customer ended up with 61.75 actual pounds of meat.  He paid $1.89/lb dress weight for the meat. ($166.32).  He paid $78.03 for butchering/cutting/wrapping, etc.  This made a grand total for the half pig of $244.35