Yummy Beef now easy to take along!!

We have beef jerky and beef snack sticks!!

Jerky is $7.25 for a 4oz package

snack sticks are $5.25/package (4oz)


We Raise Our Own Beef!!

The foundation of our beef's diet is high quality hay that we grow ourselves.  They are supplemented with non-GMO corn that we grow and grind ourselves.  We also give them soy, vitamins, and minerals to balance out their diet.  So, they're not entirely "grass fed", but neither are they "grain fed" like they would be in a commercial operation.  Also, unlike many other commercially grown cattle, ours receive NO HORMONES.

Our next batch of cows for sale will be butchered in Summer 2019.  Whole or half cows are just $3/lb dress weight and you pay processing!!  Order now and we'll save one just for you :)

Ground Beef$5/lb
Short Ribs


Stew Beef


Sirloin Steak$12/lb
NY Strip Steak$14/lb
Rib Eye Steak$14/lb
Cubed Steak$6/lb
Sirloin Tip Roast$8/lb
Chuck Roast$7/lb
Eye of the Round$8.50/lb
Tenderloin, sliced (for Filet Mignon)$18.50/lb
Organs (heart, tongue, liver)
Soup bones (just bones to make broth, no meat)
Beef Osso Bucco (VERY meaty soup bones)