Yummy Beef now easy to take along!!

We have beef jerky and beef snack sticks!!

Jerky is $7 for a 4oz package

snack sticks are $5 for a 4oz package.


Many people like the Beef/Pork for Italian dishes.  Our customers also enjoy the Beef/Sweet Italian instead of straight hamburger when they grill burgers. :)

Give it a try!

Unlike our other products, we did not raise this beef ourselves.  However, we did buy the cows locally. (less than five miles from our farm, raised by folks we know well)

Ground Beef$5.20/lb
50%Ground Beef 50%Ground Pork


50%Ground Beef

50%Ground Sweet Italian Sausage



50%Ground Beef

50%Ground Sweet Italian Sausage

100% Ground Beef Patties (4 patties in 1lb package)$5.50/lb
Whole Tenderloin (for filet mignon)$17.00/lb