We now raise our own beef!!  Our next batch of cows for sale will be butchered in Summer 2019.  Whole or half cows are just $3/lb dress weight and you pay processing!!  Order now and we'll save one just for you :)

Many people like the Beef/Pork for Italian dishes.  Our customers also enjoy the Beef/Sweet Italian instead of straight hamburger when they grill burgers. :)

Give it a try!


Yummy Beef now easy to take along!!

We have beef jerky and beef snack sticks!!

Jerky is $7.25 for a 4oz package

snack sticks are $5 for a 4oz package.

Ground Beef$5/lb
50%Ground Beef 50%Ground Pork


50%Ground Beef

50%Ground Sweet Italian Sausage


100% Ground Beef Patties (4 patties in 1lb package)$5.50/lb
Whole Tenderloin (for filet mignon)$18.00/lb
Organs (heart, tongue, liver)
Soup bones (just bones to make broth, no meat)
Beef Osso Bucco (VERY meaty soup bones)