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The meat will be vacuum sealed in thick plastic for long freezer life.

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Want to Buy a Whole or Half Pig?


There are two basic costs to you.  One is the cost for the meat itself.  The other is the cost for the butchering, cutting, wrapping, smoking, etc. 

Cost for meat itself:  You will pay $2.05 per pound when our pigs are processed at Tritown.  The cost is $2.15/lb when they're processed at Red Barn Meats.  (This helps us recoup some of the cost of trucking) The number of pounds is based on the dress weight of the animal.  (Dress weight, also called carcass weight, is the weight of the animal once the internal organs and undesirable portions of the tail and legs are removed) Some butchers include the skin in the dress weight while others do not.  If you choose to use a butcher that includes the weight of the skin in the dress weight, we will make adjustments in our pricing so that you do not pay us for the skin.  Dress weight always includes the meat and the bones.  Thus, if you order chops, roasts, and other cuts with bones in them the dress weight will be closer to the actual weight of the products you take home. If, however, you choose to get mostly sausage, the actual weight of the product you take home will be well under dress weight (because bones are taken away before the meat is ground into sausage). The folks at the butcher determine dress weight and will give that information both to you and to us. 

Cost for butchering, cutting, wrapping, smoking, etc.:  The cost for butchering, cutting, wrapping, smoking, etc. varies depending upon the butcher you choose, the cuts you desire, and whether or not you wish to have the meat smoked.  The butcher works for you and will prepare the meat according to your specifications. (Please note: each butcher requires that they be paid for the entire dress weight whether it includes the skin or not.)

​Butcher Options:  Typically, we use either Tritown or Red Barn Meats to process our pork.  If we know well ahead of time, we can arrange to send your pig in a group to the butcher you prefer.  If you have any questions at all please call Patrick at 518-651-7290.

The following are prices from Red Barn Meats.  Prices vary between butchers, and butchers' prices are subject to change, but this gives an idea of approximate cost.  This particular butcher currently charges $36.00 to slaughter a pig.  Then there is a charge of 59 cents per pound for processing.  This includes fresh chops, steaks, roasts, and ribs.   Smoking and cutting ham is $1.05 per pound.   Smoking and cutting bacon is $1.15 per pound.  Prices for sausage range depending on whether you'd like links, patties, or bulk sausage, but for this example, we use the 67 cents charged per pound for flavored sausage in approximately one pound packages in bulk.  Red Barn Meats offers many sausage flavors including Breakfast, Maple, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Cajun, and Cajun with cheese.  When purchasing a half pig, you may choose only one flavor and one type of sausage.  When purchasing a whole pig, you may choose two.

This can sound a bit confusing so here’s a sample order:

Customer #1 buys ½ pig
So, say the half pig dresses 100lbs.
So, there’s $18  for half the slaughter, plus 68 dollars for cutting and wrapping. 
Say you get 15 lbs of ham smoked and 10 lbs of bacon smoked.  That’s an additional $28.95 .  Then you want 8 lbs
of breakfast sausage.  That’s $5.92.  So, the total cost for the butcher is $123.00 (This is illustrated in the table below)

ProcessNumber of lbsPrice per lbTotal

Smoked Ham151.1116.65
Smoked Bacon101.2312.30
Breakfast Sausage links80.745.92


The total cost to Pat and April's Pork is $2.05 times 100lbs which is $205.00.  This brings the grand total to $325.87 for this half pig just the way you like it. :)  (Again, this is only a sample order, so your exact total cost may differ)  

Also, this is "custom processing", and is cheaper than the USDA inspected processing that we need to pay in order to sell meat by the piece.  If you'd like your hog to be USDA inspected, let us know, and we are happy to arrange that.  Just expect to pay more for processing.

Who do I pay?

One payment will go to Pat and April's Pork.  This payment will cover the cost of the meat.  We accept cash or check made payable to Pat and April's Pork. We also acceptVisa, Mastercard, Debit, and SNAP benefits.   (If you choose to pay with a credit or debit card we will pass along the 3 percent fee to your total).  The other payment will go to the butcher.  This payment will cover the cost of cutting/wrapping/butchering/smoking, etc.  

When can I expect to pick up my meat?

When you call or stop by to place your order, we will let you know the next butcher date.  It is your responsibility to call the butcher on or before the butcher date to let them know how you’d like it cut up (We will contact you as a reminder to call the butcher).  The folks at the butcher have worked with many first time customers and will walk you through the different choices of cuts of pork as well as packing choices (I.e. thickness of pork chops, how many in a package, etc.) Once you have placed your meat order, it will generally be ready within a couple of weeks.  The person you speak to at the butcher will give you an exact date when your meat will be ready for pickup.  For pigs butchered at Red Barn Meats, we will pick up the meat and bring it back to our place in Fort Covington for you to pick up.  (Delivery to your home may also be arranged)