About our Hickory Smoked Meat:  Our meat is smoked the old fashioned way.  Real Meat.  Real Wood.  Real Smoke.  Hickory smoking is a process where our meat is smoked over hickory wood.  The wood produces an aromatic and flavorful smoke to infuse the meat.  This produces a rich, faintly sweet flavor to our pork.  This time honored method fo flavoring meat has been used for generations and we continue the tradition because it makes delicious pork.

ProductPrice Per Pound
Hickory Smoked Ham Roast$6.55
Hickory Smoked Ham Steak$6.55
Hickory Smoked Pork Chops Back in stock!! :)$6.55
Hickory Smoked Bacon 


Hickory Smoked Jowls ON SALE​$3.00
Hickory Smoked Canadian Bacon (sold out, more in January)$7.50
Hickory Smoked Shoulder Bacon (sold out, more in January)$7.25
Hickory Smoked No Nitrite Bacon (sold out, more in January)$8.90

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