ProductPrice Per Pound
Hickory Smoked Pork Chops $6.98
Hickory Smoked Bacon ​(sold out)


Hickory Smoked Sow Bacon ​(sold out)$7.82
Hickory Smoked Canadian Bacon $9.22
Hickory Smoked Cottage Bacon (sold out)$9.22
Hickory Smoked Ham Steaks$6.98
Hickory Smoked Ham Roasts $6.98 
Hickory Smoked Hocks 


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Please note:  These are the prices of meat picked up at our store.  Unfortunately, there is additional cost to transport the meat.  Also, if you pay by debit/credit card, there will be a three percent fee to help cover credit/debit transactions.  Thank you for your understanding.

About our Hickory Smoked Meat:  Our meat is smoked the old fashioned way.  Real Meat.  Real Wood.  Real Smoke.  Hickory smoking is a process where our meat is smoked over hickory wood.  The wood produces an aromatic and flavorful smoke to infuse the meat.  This produces a rich, faintly sweet flavor to our pork.  This time honored method of flavoring meat has been used for generations and we continue the tradition because it makes delicious pork.