Try our Pork, Beef, and Chicken all humanely raised by us.  Available all year :)  We also haveFRESH EGGS!!Our chickens lay delicious eggs all year.  $3.50/dozen

Potsdam/Canton Deliveries are happening every two weeks all winter!!  Our next delivery date is Sat, Nov 28th

Click on "Winter Delivery" for details

Our pigs are home grown and fed a healthy, balanced diet, including corn, soy, and important vitamins and minerals.  Our cows are mainly grass fed but are supplemented with NON-GMO corn that we grow and grind ourselves, along with necessary vitamins and minerals.  We do not feed antibiotics nor do we use ANY hormones on ANY of our animals (Pigs, cows, or chickens!!). We do our best to keep them healthy naturally and they are all raised in a pleasant environment that we’d be happy to show you.  Happy, well cared for and well fed creatures make delicious food! :)

We are still open despite the COVID-19 situation.  If you'd like meat, you are welcome to come in (wearing a mask please) :).  If you'd rather, feel free to call in an order.  We are happy to pack your order and offer curbside pickup at no additional charge.  

You might have noticed that we're running extremely short on pork inventory.  Like many others, we did not expect COVID-19, nor the subsequent surge in sales.  However, we have been breeding more pigs and have many litters growing.  We don't hurry natural gestation or growth, so we are patiently waiting for more pork.  Starting at the end of October, we'll be butchering every single month at least through February, so our inventory will grow again.  Thank you for being so patient and not giving up on us.  Please expect a more "normal" inventory of pork starting in mid-Deember or January.