​​​Pork processed recently!

Many items previously sold out are now available! Click on "Individual Cuts", "Varieties of Sausage" and "Smoked Products" for details :)

​​Try fresh brown eggs from our free range hens


Also, it's back to school season, but Farmers' markets are still going strong :)   Potsdam Farmers' Market will continue all the way through the month of October, 9am-2pm. After that, we'll still be in Potsdam every Saturday!!!  We'll simply move from the grass to the parking lot and hours will be 10am-noon (starting first Saturday in November)

Malone Farmers' Market also extends into October, so please keep stopping by :)  Once that's over, feel free to stop here at the farm for any meat/eggs needs throughout the winter. 

Did you know?

  • ​​Our pigs are home grown and fed a healthy, balanced diet including corn, soy, and important vitamins and minerals. 
  • Our cows are mainly grass fed but are supplemented with NON-GMO corn that we grow and grind ourselves, along with necessary vitamins and minerals. 
  • We do not feed antibiotics nor do we use ANY hormones on ANY of our animals (Pigs, cows, or chickens!!).
  • We do our best to keep them healthy naturally and they are all raised in a pleasant environment that we’d be happy to show you. 

Happy, well cared for and well fed creatures make delicious food! :)